Where To Find All Gotham Knights Talon Caches

The nefarious Court of Owls in action RPG Gotham Knights represent the main antagonists of the game, and players can find hidden Talon Caches planted by the syndicate across Gotham City, granting legendary gear as rewards for their discovery. After Batman’s death in Gotham Knights, it’s up to the rest of the Bat-family to take on the criminal underworld of Gotham as players take control of either Nightwing, Red Hood, Batgirl, or Tim Drake’s Robin. Talon Caches are spread around the open world for players to discover and are key tools for acquiring even better suits and armor for the more challenging stages later in the game.

The map of Gotham provided to players throughout Gotham Knights divides the city into regions and even further into separate labeled districts. North Gotham, New Gotham, Downtown Gotham, Historic Gotham, and Lower Gotham compose the entirety of a player’s exploration. Much like the expansive worlds of the must-play Batman: Arkham games, Gotham Knights’ objectives have players traverse nearly every section of the city eventually, yet the Talon Caches might slip from the grasp of even the most attentive player.

Gear in Gotham Knights is found through random drops from crime-fighting encounters or offered up as a reward for finishing specific missions. Blueprints for suits and weapons can also be discovered during a standard playthrough’s events, designated by a rarity system. Legendary items are categorized through a yellow color in the Batcomputer’s organizational systems, allowing players to change their current loadout when earning the next tier of gear. The sparse nature of the Talon Caches makes their rewards nearly the most valuable in the game since legendary gear progresses even more than typical items, making the navigation of Gotham Knights’ open world to find them stashes even more important.

There are five Talon Cache locations to find during Gotham Knights; players can find these in the Southside District in Lower Gotham, the Financial District in Downtown Gotham, the Old Gotham region in Historic Gotham, the Bowery of New Gotham, and near Gotham Heights in North Gotham. Alfred will alert any member of the Bat-family that there is a « unique energy signature nearby » when players get close to the Cache. A sculpted wall depicting historical imagery becomes surrounded by a green outline, displaying the area players need to examine to unlock the Talon Cache, perhaps calling back to the collectibles of past Batman villain The Riddler in Gotham Knights.

The Talon Cache in Lower Gotham rests on the wall next to the shoreline of Ocran Chemicals, the industrial plant not too far from Cobblepot Steel. Players must search for one of the larger buildings just north of the main complex, getting Alfred’s notification when traveling alongside the coast. Reaching The Cauldron means players have gone far north and beyond the Cache’s location. The wall encompassing the Talon Cache depicts four scientists hailing some new discovery.

Near the direct center of the Financial District is the building called « Atlantic First Trust, » a bank near one of the tallest skyscrapers in the district. The fast travel of Gotham Knights puts players very close to this area should they be an unfavorable distance away. Just beyond that spot, players can enter Gotham’s subways, where the wall revealing the Talon Cache can be found shortly after entering. The imagery shows the same four scientists founding a city, most likely Gotham itself.

One of the easiest Talon Caches to find, the location sits directly south of Gotham City Hall, a prominent spot in the district. The southeastern edge of Historical Gotham has a courtyard where the appropriate wall can be seen from a fair distance. This time, the imagery presents the workers of presumably Gotham putting in the labor to erect the city, seemingly content with their work. Seeing the City Hall building might strike some memories of the Batman: Arkham games, giving another reason to miss Batman in Gotham Knights.

Set at an exact distance from both the Bowery and Otisburg districts in New Gotham, the fourth Talon Cache can be tricky for players to find at first. However, the large Falcone Residence tower happens to have the Cache sitting right in the open, with the bronze mural directly sitting above its front entrance for quick convenience. Simply grappling to the area lets players see the art of politicians discussing a seemingly newly proposed policy.

The final Talon Cache location lies in Gotham City University, the college making up its own district of North Gotham. Players using one of Gotham Knights’ Batcycles to travel to North Gotham should go to the front of the establishment, preferably down University Drive. A segmented pathway in between a couple of the main buildings shows the last wall for the Cache, now displaying the meeting of pilgrims and native peoples of the land. Gotham Knights give players every tool they need to find every Talon Cache in the game, earning huge rewards to better tackle the villainous Court who left these secrets for their chosen Talon warriors.