Where To Find (& Defeat) Willow in Fortnite

One challenge Fortnite players will be tasked with completing during the Halloween-themed Fortnitemares event of 2022 is finding and defeating Willow, an axe-wielding banshee residing in the woods near the Reality Tree. Those who participated in previous seasons might recognize this name as a friendly character in the Weeping Woods. However, for Fortnite Chapter 3: Season 4, she has become a vicious NPC Boss who will attack anyone she sees trespass on her property of Willow’s Haunt.

As a melee-focused NPC Boss in Fortnite Chapter 3: Season 4, Willow is incredibly easy to cheese when battling her with ranged weaponry. However, she is still capable of dealing devastating damage to those within her reach. As soon as players approach Willow’s Haunt, she will burst through the door, chasing down the trespassers with her axe. Without rest, Willow will relentlessly chop away at her targets until they have been well-minced by her blade. Therefore, combatants are encouraged to first climb to the top of the cabin to avoid being struck. After finding a decent vantage point, lure her out onto the balcony or the front yard. Fire at her from above until she has been eliminated.

Nevertheless, players should bear in mind that Willow is capable of jumping in Fortnite Chapter 3: Season 4, and she might make her way onto the roof if given a chance. Therefore, it is important to keep switching positions to confuse her AI if she becomes too aggressive. Once defeated, players will receive 15,000 Battle Pass XP for their efforts.

To find Willow in Fortnite Chapter 3: Season 4, players must locate the site of her residence, Willow’s Haunt. This unmarked cabin can be found west of the highway near the Reality Tree near the western coast of the Battle Royale map. If fans are struggling to find her location, they can land at Reality Tree and head to the highway in the north. After reaching the main road, travel westward until reaching a point on the highway where the lane curves to the north. Instead of going up the road, continue west by following the dirt road leading into the woods. Eventually, players will encounter Willow’s Haunt Halloween-theme cabin in Fortnite.

If players manage to pinpoint Willow’s location and plan to land at her cabin from the get-go, finding a ranged weapon is essential to taking her down in Fortnite. Based on gameplay footage by YouTuber HarryNinetyFour, players will be able to find a chest beneath the giant mushroom across the fence by a parked vehicle. Accordingly, collect the loot around and in the chest before beginning the Boss battle.

Source: YouTube/HarryNinetyFour