Where Was Falling For Christmas Filmed? All Shooting Locations Explained

Warning! SPOILERS for Falling For ChristmasNetflix has kicked off the holiday season with Falling For Christmas, a movie filled with some stunning filming locations. Lindsay Lohan has made her comeback to the screen starring as Sierra Belmont, a spoiled hotel heiress, who gets amnesia after a skiing accident and forgets who she is. Sierra ends up being looked after by Jake, who owns a quaint ski lodge called North Star Lodge that is in financial trouble, unlike her father’s luxury Belmont Summit Resort. Falling For Christmas uses a well-known cast to complete the traditional holiday movie, following Sierra as she succumbs to the Christmas spirit while spending time with Jake at his humble lodge, learning to be less selfish along the way.

The entirety of Falling For Christmas is set at a ski resort, with multiple hotels, and both the lodges and all the scenic shots are almost exclusively in Utah. After its announcement in May 2021, Falling For Christmas began production in November 2021 which was perfect timing for the winter snow that is the basis for Falling For Christmas’ scenes and the movie’s Christmas village atmosphere. Falling For Christmas has three main locations throughout what’s being called Lindsay Lohan’s acting comeback, the luxury Belmont Summit Resort which Sierra is the heir to; North Star Lodge which Jake owns; and the ski slopes and areas of the resort that feature throughout Falling For Christmas. Here are the filming locations of Falling For Christmas:

Goldener Hirsch, Deer Valley, Park City, Utah

The first scene in Falling For Christmas shows Sierra in her element at the Belmont Summit Resort, a luxury hotel owned by her father. The Belmont Summit Resort is a luxury hotel with rooftop pools and sleek décor and is used for most of the beginning of Falling For Christmas, including when Jake accidentally spills hot chocolate on Sierra. The Belmont Summit Resort is a real hotel called Goldener Hirsch, which is part of the Auberge Resorts Collection. The hotel is located in Deer Valley of Park City, Utah. Deer Valley has been used multiple times for filming, including Jim Carey’s iconic movie Dumb and Dumber, and it is a large resort with Goldener Hirsch situated in Deer Valley’s Silver Lake, where it has been for over 30 years and is family owned, similar to how the Belmont Summit Resort is family owned.

Stein Eriksen Lodge, Deer Valley, Park City, Utah

Falling For Christmas uses another resort from Deer Valley and that is the Stein Eriksen Lodge which is transformed into North Star Lodge in Falling For Christmas. Stein Eriksen Lodge is a bit grander than in Falling For Christmas, where it is shown as a quaint lodge with lacking visitors and in need of financial aid. The Stein Eriksen Lodge is similar to Goldener Hirsch in how it offers luxury stays for its guests with spas, pools, and fine dining. In Lindsay Lohan’s acting comeback Falling For Christmas, Stein Eriksen Lodge becomes a sanctuary for Sierra as she recovers from her skiing accident and spends time with Jake, and his daughter Avy (Olivia Perez), while they start to fall in love.

Salt Lake City and Park City, Utah

The majority of Falling For Christmas is filmed at Goldener Hirsch and Stein Eriksen Lodge, but there are plenty of scenes outside these lodges that are filmed in Salt Lake City and Park City, Utah. Utah is a great area for snow sports, so it makes sense Falling For Christmas used the beautiful Salt Lake City and Park City for their outdoor and skiing shots. Falling For Christmas uses the slopes for big scenes such as Jake asking Beauregard Belmont for financial aid and Sierra being proposed to by Tad, played by box office failure Malignant’s George Young, which causes her skiing accident. Both of these moments set Falling For Christmas up to follow the traditional Christmas movie plot line while taking advantage of the stunning filming locations that surrounded the two main lodges.