White Lotus Season 2 Star Haley Lu Richardson’s Career Proves She Thrives Acting With A-Listers

There’s simply no denying the star power of the first season of HBO’s The White Lotus. Creator Mike White assembled an ensemble that included Friday Night Lights and Nashville star Connie Britton, Euphoria’s Sydney Sweeney, Steve Zahn, Molly Shannon, Alexandra Daddario, and, of course, the prolific Jennifer Coolidge.

Even still, the show left room for relatively new talent to burst through, undoubtedly putting them on a remarkable career path. The same seems to be true for the cast of the second season, which, at the time of this writing, has just premiered.

Among the new talent in the follow-up is 27-year-old Haley Lu Richardson. While there’s no doubt that Haley has been acting for years, The White Lotus appears to be the show that will launch her career into the stratosphere. Given that she plays Jennifer Coolidge’s character’s assistant, Portia, Halye will likely be sharing a lot of screen time with the mega-star. Fortunately, her past work has afforded her the opportunity to work with some of the industry’s most illustrious actors.

Caution: Minor spoilers ahead for some of Haley Lu Richardson’s best movies

8/8 Haley Lu Richardson Starred In After Yang With Colin Farrell

The 2021’s science fiction drama may be one of Colin Farrell’s most underrated movies. There’s no question that writer/director Kogonada poured his heart and soul into the film, which is based on « Saying Goodbye To Yang » by Alexander Weinstein. The same is true for Colin and the rest of the cast, which includes Jodie Turner-Smith and Justin H. Min.

As for Haley Lu Richardson, she plays Ada. While the role is small, it is absolutely critical to both the story and the emotional gut punch near the film’s end. Her most pivotal scene is directly opposite The Batman and In Bruges star.

7/8 Haley Lu Richardson Starred In The Edge Of Seventeen With Hailee Steinfeld

Edge of Seventeen is one of the best coming-of-age films of the past decade. The film festival darling proved as a reminder for those who had forgotten that Hailee Steinfeld was an Academy Awards-nominated actor. In the years leading up to it, she had mostly become known for her music.

Of course, Hailee isn’t the only reason why The Edge of Seventeen works so well. Much of it comes down to the uncomfortable relationship between her character and her ex-best friend, Krista, played by Haley Lu Richardson.

Not only did the future White Lotus star get many chances to play on screen with the True Grit star, but she also worked with Blake Jenner and Woody Harrelson.

6/8 Haley Lu Richardson Starred In Five Feet Apart With Cole Sprouse

Haley Lu Richardson was on equally-footing with Riverdale’s Cole Sprouse in 2019’s Five Feet Apart. Both share roughly the same amount of screen time in the enormously successful low-budget romance.

Despite the movie receiving average reviews, numerous critics (such as the Los Angeles Times) praised Haley’s performance.

5/8 Haley Lu Richardson Starred In Support The Girls With Regina Hall

Haley Lu Richardson was one of the stand-outs in Regina Hall’s underrated Support The Girls. Despite being a low-budget flick, it did feature other notable talents such as AJ Michalka. But Haley shares most of her screen time with the Black Monday and Ally McBeal star. Much of the film rests on the shoulders of these two women and the dynamic between them.

4/8 Haley Lu Richardson Starred In Split With Anya Taylor Joy And James McAvoy

While not the focus of 2016’s Split, Haley Lu Richardson shares multiple scenes with future Furiosa and Queen’s Gambit star Anya Taylor Joy. Both of their characters are kidnapped in order to be sacrificed to one of the split personalities of James McAvoy’s characters.

3/8 Haley Lu Richardson Starred In Operation Finale With Joe Alwyn And Sir Ben Kingsley

Haley Lu Richardson spends much of her screen time in the 2018 historical drama alongside Taylor Swift’s boyfriend, Joe Alwyn. However, she also shares a particularly intense scene with Sir Ben Kingsley, who plays one of the most notorious antisemites and WW2 criminals in history.

Despite receiving generally positive reviews the film, which also stars Oscar Isaac, Nick Kroll, and Melanie Laurent, failed to make back its budget. Nevertheless, it showed the incredible range that Haley has as an actor as well as gave her the chance to work with some of the most respected names in the business.

2/8 Haley Lu Richardson Starred In Columbus With John Cho

Despite Star Trek’s John Cho being a far bigger star than Haley Lu Richardson at the time, The Los Angeles Times put them both in the headline for their hugely positive review of their 2017 indie drama.

Not only did Haley co-lead Columbus with John, but she also got the chance to work opposite Parker Posey, Michelle Forbes, and Rory Culkin.

1/8 Haley Lu Richardson Starred In Adopted With Jane Seymour And Kelly Preston

Few stars have had the staying power in the entertainment industry that Jane Seymour has enjoyed over the years. The same was true for the late Kelly Preston. So, there’s no doubt that Haley relished working with and learning from both Hollywood legends in the 2013 TV movie. Especially given the fact that it was one of Haley’s very first roles.