Why Boba Fett’s Armor Is Damaged & Weaker Than The Mandalorian’s

Given how few lines Boba Fett had in the original Star Wars trilogy, he stood out primarily due to his character design. Fett was the first character to wear Mandalorian armor, inspiring the idea for the entire race and way of life. This is despite Fett’s armor being heavily damaged with many scratches and even a dent in the helmet. In real life, one article (via That Hashtag Show) explained that this dent was caused by an air bubble popping while the helmet was being molded, and George Lucas decided to keep the flaw. In-universe, an unused story arc from Star Wars: The Clone Wars was going to feature Fett facing another famous bounty hunter, Cad Bane, in a duel. Although Bane successfully shot Fett in the head, the blast bounced off his helmet, permanently denting it.

While this story proves that Boba Fett’s armor was tough, it still contrasts the durability of Din Djarin’s armor in The Mandalorian. Throughout The Mandalorian, Djarin’s armor was able to withstand blaster bolts and even block lightsabers without a single scratch. This raises the question of why Fett’s armor was so much weaker than Djarin’s armor. The reasons behind this difference include both the composition and age of Boba Fett’s armor.

Most Mandalorian armor is made from beskar, one of the strongest metals in the Star Wars universe. However, beskar tended to be very rare and expensive, so many Mandalorians diluted beskar with other metals, such as durasteel. Boba Fett’s armor was made from one of these beskar alloys. Due to this, Fett’s armor was tough enough to save his life from blaster hits and digestion in the Sarlacc’s stomach. His armor was not perfect though, resulting in its signature dent and scratches. In contrast, Din Djarin’s armor was made from pure beskar, earned through the bounty on Grogu. This made Djarin’s armor rare and even more durable than normal Mandalorian armor, allowing it to stay shiny and undamaged even when he walked into a barrage of blaster fire.