Why Harry Being A Horcrux Perfectly Counters One Major Harry Potter Complaint

The twist that Harry Potter is a Horcrux helps explain a common audience critique that started in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. While Harry Potter is the main protagonist of the Harry Potter series, audiences began to disconnect with his character around the franchise’s fifth installment. The boy wizard became a lot moodier, as he consistently lashed out at his close friends and had an all-around angry demeanor. This was quite different from how audiences previously saw Harry in the other films as a curious and kind boy who always saw the wonder in magic.

For Harry, this change in attitude began after Voldemort returned and was now a bigger threat than ever. On top of that, Harry Potter’s Ministry of Magic was spreading false rumors about him to discredit him, while Hogwarts was under the tight-fist regime of Umbridge. No doubt, Harry was also most likely suffering from PTSD after witnessing Cedric’s murder. Harry certainly had a lot going on to justify his change in behavior and his overall moody attitude. However, it is revealed in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows that Harry was a secret Horcrux all along. With this in mind, Harry’s surly attitude has a darker explanation and even improves upon his character arc.

How Being A Horcrux Could Have Changed Harry

Harry’s attitude may have been caused by the multitude of terrible things he was dealing with, but Harry being a Horcrux explains why his anger and frustration were so unsettling. When anyone is in consistent contact with a Horcrux and is wracked with emotional turmoil, their outward attitude starts to change and become unlike themselves. For instance, when Ron had Slytherin’s locket turned Horcrux, his insecurities would be brought to the surface, and he started to uncharacteristically lash out at Harry and Hermione. Similarly, when Ginny had Tom Riddle’s diary, she poured all her emotions into it, giving the Horcrux power and causing her to act standoffish and skittish to point that the Weasley siblings were off-put by how different she was acting. With everything Harry was going through after fighting Voldemort and many believing him, the Horcrux within him was feeding off of his misery and causing him to lash out at the only people who were there for him.

Why Harry Being A Horcrux Makes His Arc Better

Harry’s trauma of being exploited by the piece of Voldemort’s soul trapped inside him is a dark and disturbing thought. However, Voldemort’s possession of his body makes Harry Potter a better character. Throughout the series, Harry exemplifies empathy, kindness, and love towards others, all despite the mistreatment he endured growing up with the Dursleys. With the knowledge that Harry is a Horcrux, however, these traits are all the more impressive. Even with the literal symbol of evil embedded in his soul, amplifying his emotions and tempting him to use dark magic, Harry prevails. Despite his moody behavior, Harry’s core values never change, which shows he is a true hero.

Harry being a Horcrux significantly contributes to his behavior in the later Harry Potter films. While audiences may have overlooked everything Harry was going through at the time, the Horcrux within him being the hidden reason for his moody attitude provides an explanation that adds to both the Harry Potter universe lore and Harry’s character arc. Even with building trauma, the mistreatment from his upbringing, and a Horcrux inside him, Harry Potter never gave in to Voldemort’s temptations in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, proving that even when one can’t understand or control their emotions, it is still a person’s choices and actions that show who they truly are.