Why Hasn’t Camila Morrone Spoken Up? Rumors Suggest Leonardo DiCaprio Makes His Girlfriends Sign NDAs

Fans weren’t necessarily surprised when Leonardo DiCaprio and Camila Morrone broke up in late 2022. In fact, Twitter [seemingly accurately] predicted the pair’s breakup, and that came on the heels of years of speculation about the patterns in Leo’s relationships.

But now that Leo has dated (and split from) yet another model — and is rumored to be pursuing Gigi Hadid — fans have more questions than ever about his relationships. For one thing, why do his exes (and sometimes acquaintances) seem afraid to talk about Leo? And why hasn’t Camila said anything about their breakup?

It seems that DiCaprio might have a simple strategy for keeping his name out of the tabloids — at least in terms of quotes from his exes.

While Leo’s relationship with Camila Morrone was well-documented via paparazzi photos, they kept things relatively chill when it came to public appearances. As Cosmopolitan reported, the two didn’t appear in public together until an estimated two years after they began dating.

There might be an underlying reason why the two didn’t go public immediately; Camila was apparently 19 when they began dating. Not only that, but she was also a ‘family friend’ of Leo’s, which on its own led to plenty of criticism about their relationship.

But even after they went public, Leo and Camila kept things very quiet, and that was partly due to the public’s intense interest in their pairing. As Cosmo quoted, Morrone as saying “More exposure leads to more judgment and negativity,” as an explanation for why she didn’t want to talk about her then-boyfriend.

Over the years, though, people have noticed a pattern when it comes to Leo and the women close to him — and it’s more about what they don’t say.

Plenty of celebrities make the people who work for them sign nondisclosure agreements. Some are even famous for trying to lock down the details of their personal lives to help protect their images.

Although no one has explicitly confirmed that Leonardo makes anyone sign NDAs to work for him or be around him, that does seem to be the case, says Vice. The publication reasons that it’s the only real way DiCaprio can keep his private life private.

And after the string of famous and/or younger girlfriends he’s had, he’s obviously doing something to keep people from sharing all the details.

Vice even quoted an expert who had reviewed the NDAs Leo had his employees sign; the agreements were “wildly overbroad,” and covered not just his business endeavors but his personal life and relationships, too.

Vice elaborated that even models who apparently hadn’t dated Leo wouldn’t talk about him in interviews; Lily Aldridge was asked about him once, and would not answer any questions. Vice wrote that, « Fellow model Gigi Hadid stepped in to say that Aldridge and Leo were friendly, but Aldridge herself did not comment at all and simply shook her head. »

While it’s ironic that Gigi, who many suggested would be Leo’s next « target » after his breakup with Camila, was the one to make a comment on Lily’s behalf, the whole situation suggests there’s more to it than Leo simply asking people to keep his name out of their mouths.

Vice further notes that the only DiCaprio ex who’s really spoken at length about their relationship is model Gisele Bündchen; she did wait more than a decade to spill the beans, though — and she’s hyper-famous and rich on her own.

Vice gave the example of one former GF of Leo’s (model Toni Garrn) getting dumped shortly after posting images of him (and his dog) to social media. While the events could have been unrelated, the timeline did seem to suggest that DiCaprio has strict operating rules for his relationships.

Anyone who breaks his confidence could be subject to removal from his inner circle. Which doesn’t seem any harsher than the way other celebrities handle former friends or employees who violate their terms.

It does seem, however, that Leonardo’s terms are more intense than other celebrities’. But the fact that so many of his exes have so little to say about him has likely helped his image, despite the whole dating-decades-younger-women-and-dumping-them-when-they-turn-25 thing.