Why House Of The Dragon’s Young Rhaenyra Actor Thought She’d Get Fired

Although Alcock has received nothing but adulation for her performance as Rhaenyra on House of the Dragon, the actor initially thought she may be fired. In a recent interview with Nylon, Alcock revealed that she found the new Game of Thrones spinoff show « exciting » but « daunting » as well. She admitted that she had only ever worked on Australian television shows that had far smaller budgets. Alcock claimed that she was « mortified » at the scale of the HBO show and thought she would be let go within the first three months of production. Read what Alcock said below.

« It was incredibly new and exciting and daunting, because I’ve only ever done Australian TV, so the budgets are immensely different; they’re not in the same league. It was just quite a shock, [to see] that was a way that you could make film and television. I didn’t fully understand how big of a scale something like that could be until I stepped on set, and I was mortified. You quickly adapt and it all becomes quite normal. But the first two, three months I just thought I was going to get fired constantly. It was incredibly intimidating. »

Although Alcock has had a good amount of acting experience prior to her casting on House of the Dragon, nothing in her career remotely comes close to the sheer size of the massive HBO series. Along with the added expectations following one of the most-watched and talked about television shows of the last decade, the pressure for success must have been absolutely immense for the young star. It is completely understandable that Alcock, an actor who had only featured in small Australian television shows and one film to have thought that she would not live up to the legacy that Game of Thrones created.