Why Mother’s Milk Is Called That In The Boys

One of the significant changes The Boys makes from the comics to the TV show is the origin of Mother’s Milk’s nickname. Mother’s Milk, or MM, played by Laz Alonzo, is the team’s backbone and is often seen as the team’s « mother » figure. However, his comic book origin is a lot darker than Mother’s Milk’s backstory in the show.

In The Boys comics, Mother’s Milk is a supe named Baron Wallis who joins the team after accidentally killing a man in a boxing ring. His nickname derives from the fact that he depends on frequent breastfeeding from his mother, due to being born with traces of Compound V in his system. His mother had been contaminated while working for Vought and passed it on to her children. This incident led to his father suing Vought and winning, though he died before seeing the case result. Amazon’s The Boys does use a similar plot point to explain MM’s anger towards Vought, with his father suing the company after Soldier Boy killed MM’s grandfather.

What Powers Did MM Have In The Comics

As the only team member born with Compound V in his system, MM possessed some superhuman abilities. He possessed a level of superhuman strength, durability, stamina, and agility. These powers manifested later in life during his stint as a boxer. Notably, his sudden manifestation of powers caused him to accidentally kill a man, which led to his recruitment by Butcher.

Will The Boys TV Show Explain Mother’s Milk’s Name?

It’s unlikely that the show will explore the origins of his nickname, given the changes already made to the character. In the show, Milk is MM’s surname, with his full name being Marvin T. Milk. The show briefly mentions his nickname is due to his past as a medic and his role as a parental figure for the team. The reason for the change is likely to distinguish the superpower-less protagonists from the villainous supes. In the comics, MM is killed by Butcher, because he was exposed to Compound V, with many fearing MM’s The Boys season 4 fate may be similar.

While MM is not a supe in the show, he is the most sympathetic character in the group, leading to frequent clashes with Butcher in The Boys. It is unlikely that the show will see the two men fight to the death, but MM’s death would be a huge blow, as he keeps the team together. With the series’ unpredictable nature, anything is on the table for the upcoming season.