Why The Teen Wolf Movie Is Set So Long After The Show’s Ending

Teen Wolf: The Movie was confirmed by writer/creator Jeff Davis to be set in the year 2026, causing some to question why Davis chose to utilize such a time jump. MTV’s Teen Wolf was a hit when it started in 2011, but even though it ended in 2017, the events of the show were supposed to have taken place over the course of three years. The Teen Wolf movie will see the return of many of the original cast, along with some new faces. However, due to balancing a large cast, the movie will have to take advantage of a time jump to make the story work.

Teen Wolf never had the most accurate timeline, so it isn’t always easy to follow. The movie’s events are said to be set about 13 years after the finale. The film is set long after the show as it makes the most sense for the timeline and Scott’s story; with a timeline as vague as Teen Wolf’s and an older cast, it makes sense to effectively reset the timeline by jumping farther ahead. More specifically, based on Teen Wolf: The Movie updates, Scott’s storyline will also require a long jump. With all that in consideration, the Teen Wolf movie being set over a decade later is the best choice.

Why The Teen Wolf Movie’s Timeline Makes Sense

It’s only been five years since the show’s finale, which speaks to the dedication of the Teen Wolf crew and fans. However, it is soon for a reunion; even the cast joked about it during an interview at New York Comic Con. It makes sense to jump over a decade ahead because it provides much-needed time for character growth and major changes and it makes the most sense for the Teen Wolf timeline. Davis brought in a new Teen Wolf for the movie—Derek’s 15-year-old son. Without the jump forward, there would be no explaining how Derek even has a teenage son.

Why Scott’s Age Is So Important In The Teen Wolf Movie

Scott’s age is essential because of his storyline. When the movie picks up, Scott is amid a quarter-life crisis, according to Tyler Posey. At the 2022 San Diego Comic-Con panel, Posey also said Scott focuses on saving himself instead of the world. It makes sense for Scott to be in his early thirties; society expects people to have their life together by that point, which causes anxiety and pressure. Additionally, Scott’s age in Teen Wolf was always younger than Posey’s actual age, but now he’ll be allowed to act closer to his actual age, which could make for a more compelling performance. Even Posey expressed his excitement at finally being able to play adult Scott.

Another added benefit of the long time jump is that it gives Davis more room to change Scott and the packs’ characters. A lot can happen in a decade, and the audience does not know these characters anymore. Making the time gap longer allows him near total creative freedom. In fact, Davis told MTV he wanted to bring something different to each of the returning Teen Wolf characters. Of course, viewers will want the characters to be the familiar ones they love in Teen Wolf: The Movie, but the characters not growing at all would be disappointing and unrealistic. The time jump offers the best of everything.