Will Andor’s Bix Return In Future Episodes? Actor Responds

Adria Arjona of Andor talks about her character Bix and whether she’ll return to the latest Star Wars series after the events of episode 3. Andor season 1 premiered its first three episodes on September 21 on Disney+, earning a plethora of positive reviews for its cast and departure from traditional Star Wars formulas. Along with Arjona, the ensemble cast features Diego Luna, Kyle Soller, Joplin Sibtain, Stellan Skarsgård, and Fiona Shaw.

Andor explores Cassian Andor’s path to joining the Rebel Alliance, beginning five years before the events of Rogue One. Arjona’s character, Bix, is a black market mechanic and ally of Andor’s, who, in episode 3, is carried away by friends after witnessing the death of her traitorous partner, Timm. Series creator Tony Gilroy has discussed the fragility of Andor’s characters, implying that some, like Bix, might not come back at all in future episodes.

When asked by TVLine, Arjona doesn’t confirm or deny whether her character will come back in the future. However, she talks about the character’s arc in the series and how Bix has already lost so much in just three episodes. She goes on to say that she can sense that the rebellion is brewing, implying that she’ll have a role to play in the future. Read her quote below:

You’re going to have to keep watching! Bix has a true journey on this show, and she’s gone through so much. They killed Timm in front of her, she’s been betrayed by this person she trusted, the person she did this for is no longer there, she’s injured, and she can almost sense what is about to come next.

It’s unlike Star Wars to have central characters disappear without proper payoff, and with Arjona listed in the main cast, there’s a strong possibility that her story will be continued. With Andor being so different from other Star Wars shows, it’s hard to gauge how or when the character will come back, and it might depend on where she next encounters Cassian. With Arjona emphasizing Bix’s arc, however, it’s unlikely that the character would just disappear for the series without a satisfying payoff to her growth.

Andor is exactly what the Star Wars franchise needs to break away from its long-held tropes and traditions, and dig further into the world that so many fans have been curious about for decades. Though it’s too soon to say if the experiment will prove successful, with its strong cast and an experienced writer like Gilroy at the helm, Andor’s two-season run could shape up to be as compelling as The Mandalorian. In the end, Bix will likely return to Andor and get the chance to wrap up the story that Arjona is so passionate about, though it may take a few episodes to happen.

Source: TVLine