Will Jimmy Return To Dutton Ranch In Yellowstone Season 5? Actor Responds

Yellowstone star Jefferson White teased his character Jimmy Hurdstrom’s future on the show and whether he will return to the Dutton ranch in season 5. Yellowstone is a neo-Western drama series that first premiered in 2018. The series follows John Dutton (Kevin Costner) who controls the largest contiguous ranch in America. However, conflict brews up constantly from those who border Dutton’s ranch, including land developers, an Indian reservation, and a national park. In addition to conflict at its border, the Dutton ranch faces conflict within as family drama, shifting alliances, and family secrets threaten to boil over.

Not everyone on the Dutton ranch is family, though. The series has also explored several subplots involving the ranch hands who work on the land. Hurdstrom has risen to become one of the most likable and realistic characters on the show. He is one of the most human characters who came from a troubled past but worked to build a life for himself. After being taken under Dutton’s wing, he is eventually sent away to Texas to learn to be a real cowboy, however, it is unclear if he will return to the Dutton ranch again.

He chose Emily, and he chose this new life in Texas. I cross my fingers that it’s smooth sailing for him because it’s a beautiful thing. It’s the first time in his life he has a little bit of agency. There’s certainly more Jimmy in store. Whether it’s Montana or Texas, you’ll have to wait and find out.

White isn’t ready to spill the beans yet on whether Jimmy returns to the Dutton farm. However, he is right that it could go either way for Jimmy. Yellowstone season 4 saw Jimmy sent down to the 6666 ranch in Texas. It was at 6666 that he met his fiancé, Emily, who is the chief vet technician on the ranch. As he settles into his new life, though, he realizes he is expected back at the Dutton ranch once his contract with 6666 ranch expires. This has resulted in conflict for Jimmy as he expressed both a willingness to return to Dutton’s ranch out of loyalty and a desire to return to the 6666 ranch for Emily.

Ultimately, Jimmy could return to Dutton ranch for Yellowstone season 5. However, he might have more of a future with the franchise if stayed on 6666 ranch. This is because there are suggestions that Yellowstone season 5 could be its last season. However, a Yellowstone spin-off series, 6666, was greenlit by Paramount in May 2022. Hence, if Jimmy were to stay on the 6666 ranch, he and Emily could potentially appear in the spin-off series and continue their story there. Jimmy’s ties to the 6666 ranch in Yellowstone could hint at Jimmy having a future beyond the show’s fifth season.

Source: TVLine