“Will result in you being duct-taped” – When Ryan Reynolds Dropped a Warning for His Fans When His Brand Aviation Gin Tied Up With Airways Giant

Ryan Reynolds once threatened duct taping people to an airplane seat. The Free Guy actor added to his acting career by becoming an entrepreneur and holding a major stake in the Aviation Gin company, which successfully managed to have a tie-up with British Airways later, to serve travelers over long flights.

The Deadpool actor ensures making good use of his sense of humor to entertainer fans while promoting his projects on social media. One such ‘rejected’ advertisement was promoting his brand Aviation Gin after its tie-up with British Airways, which gave a hilarious warning to viewers.

Ryan Reynolds not only co-owns the American Aviation Gin but is also the face of the brand. In a YouTube video uploaded on his channel, he announced the tie up of the alcohol company with British Airways. The actor promoted his brand with a supposedly rejected advertisement. In a funny warning, the businessman said, “spilling even one drop of the world’s highest-rated gin will result in you being duct-taped to your seat for the remainder of the flight.” He is referring to airway travelers who would be served his gin.

The gin is made available to them on the menu for transpacific flights, while Speedbird cafe will make it available to short-distance travelers for $8. International Brand Director of Aviation American Gin, Gareth Williams, assured customers of a refreshing experience through this drink, regardless of the time frame of their journey. The gin that is also available on Virgin Atlantic flights would add an American Twist to the experience of British Airways. Meanwhile, the brand already started rooting in the airway industry by entering the British Airway as well as the JFK airports lounge.

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Aviation Gin was founded by Christian Krogstad and Ryan Magarian in 2006, starting production in small quantities. To this day, it is produced in small quantities in Portland and then shipped all over. Reynolds made a generous amount of money following the deal struck with the company. And it is not surprising, considering his risky, hilarious, yet effective advertisements that make a great marketing tool.

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