Will Taylor Swift Name Drop Blake Lively And Ryan Reynolds’ Baby Name On Midnights?

With the news that Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds were expecting their fourth child together, fans immediately wondered how they would reveal this baby’s name. The A-list couple has actually never done any sort of publicity or public shoots about their kids. And they have never publicly released any information about any of their three daughters, including their names.

The only reason we know all three names of their children is thanks to their close friend Taylor Swift and a song of hers. In what must have been a joyous time for the couple and Swift’s publicists, Taylor announced the then-upcoming release of her 10th studio album and Lively followed that up by debuting her fourth pregnancy at an event.

This is Lively’s signature move of pregnancy announcements. No statements, no social media, and no magazine covers. She just shows up somewhere noticeably pregnant and rocks it every time.

We don’t know the gender of this baby yet and probably won’t until we figure it out ourselves. Four children seem like a lot to many, but both Lively and Reynolds were raised in homes with larger families. It’s no surprise they’re expecting another little one.

But given the timing of Taylor and her pal Blake’s respective announcements, fans wonder whether there’s an Easter egg about the new baby buried in Taylor’s new album.

Blake Lively Has Kept Her 4th Pregnancy Under Wraps

Being one half of an A-list celebrity couple, Lively finds herself a huge paparazzi target, She has publicly spoken out about how grown men stalk her and her kids in order to get a photo, and how much she hates it.

Lively knew that once she revealed her pregnancy, the paps would want some pictures of her and her growing bump.

In an attempt to beat the paparazzi at their own game, after the news of her pregnancy spread, she took the time to share some pictures to her personal Instagram where she also called out the men waiting outside her home to take pictures pregnant of the pregnant star.

These were good pictures too showing off her bare belly, a few with her and Ryan, and one featuring her best friend, Taylor Swift. The actress is wearing a pink bikini as she hugs the singer who is wearing her signature dark lipstick.

Both Blake And Ryan Are Major Swifties

This is one celebrity friendship that has endured and grown stronger over the years. When Taylor was in her Reputation era, a friendship between her and Lively became apparent.

Multiple social media posts showed the two friends together and Lively even made an appearance in Swift’s « Bad Blood » music video. The two became friends back in 2015, and Swift has been there for every baby that Lively has had.

Swift also seems to have a good relationship with her husband Ryan Reynolds. Blake and Ryan are a married couple, so you don’t get one without the other.

Reynolds seems to appreciate Swift as well. There was a subtle reference to Taylor Swift in his hit Deadpool 2 where his character is shown wearing a t-shirt with Taylor’s cats on it.

In addition to all the public shout-outs, it’s been well-documented that Swift gets together regularly with the superstar couple and they attend each other’s parties. They also support each other professionally.

Plus, there was that time when Taylor revealed the Reynolds’ third baby’s name.

The « Betty » Reveal Was Courtesy Of Folklore

We know that Blake and Ryan have three daughters and their names are James, Inez, and Betty. For quite some time, no one knew the name of the third baby.

In the song, « Betty » from one of Swift’s 2020 albums, Folklore, the lyrics are about a high school relationship and the lyrics namedrop both James and Inez. Since these names were already known, it was determined that Betty must be their third daughter.

Fans were right, and it was confirmed sometime after. This wasn’t the first time Swift utilized her best friend’s kids. Oldest daughter James made a voice cameo on Swift’s song « Gorgeous » back in 2017.

Every Taylor Swift album has well-thought-out lyrics and connections to previous albums as well as hints about her life, fans, friends, and family. It’s only a matter of time before devoted fans uncover the hidden messages that lie in Midnights, or, perhaps, when Blake and Ryan reveal their baby’s name themselves.