Will Ted Lasso Season 3 End The Show? Roy Kent Star Has Cryptic Response

After various reports about the show’s future, Roy Kent actor Brett Goldstein has given a cryptic answer to whether Ted Lasso season 3 will end the show. Co-developed by Goldstein, Bill Lawrence, Joe Kelly and Jason Sudeikis, the Apple TV+ series stars Sudeikis as the eponymous American football coach hired to coach an English Premier League soccer team and must adjust to those skeptical of his prospects, including his own team members and the general public. Since its debut, Ted Lasso has garnered widespread critical acclaim, creating hopes for the show’s longevity.

In a recent appearance on the Happy Sad Confused podcast, Brett Goldstein opened up about the long-awaited Ted Lasso season 3.

When asked whether the next season of the show will end it, the Roy Kent actor/co-creator acknowledged the various talks about it possibly coming to a close, though in a change of pace, Goldstein offered a cryptic response, stating instead he didn’t want to spoil the experience for fans of the series. See what Goldstein said in the video above and comments below:

We can’t say anything, and we can’t say anything, partly because I’m not allowed to say anything, but also I get that everyone wants to know stuff, but wouldn’t it be better if you don’t know anything? There’s so few surprises [anymore] and if you’re into it, how wonderful to discover it again in a new way. I don’t want to spoil anything.

Everything We Know About Ted Lasso Season 3

Brendan Hunt, the actor behind beloved Assistant Coach Beard, did previously indicate Ted Lasso would end with season 3, in spite of the show’s massive success, while Goldstein himself in mid 2022 that the season finale was being written as a series finale. Despite this, many of the cast and crew close to the show have expressed their interests in seeing it continue past season 3, including the Roy Kent actor, who has shared his interest in doing up to « 20 years » of the series, while having noted the future all lays in Sudeikis’ hands. While Goldstein’s new comments may not indicate much in the way of the show’s future, his avoidance of a confirmation on Ted Lasso season 3 being the end could be a promising sign that Sudeikis and co. have changed their minds.

While many have been keen on keeping specifics close to the belt, there have been plenty of Ted Lasso season 3 story bits teased throughout its filming, including that the new season will explore the origin stories of various characters, including Hannah Waddingham’s Rebecca Welton and her ex-husband, Rupert. Star Nick Mohammed has also teased how season 3 will explore the fallout of Nick’s betrayal, saying he will grapple with the feeling of having gone too far and hinting Nate may not be redeemed by the show’s end. In a more positive light, Waddingham has teased that romantic relationships will continue to be a highlight of Ted Lasso season 3, including her potential future with Toheeb Jimoh’s Sam Obisanya, all while her team heads back into the Premier League after winning their promotion in the season 2 finale.

Even as the show looks to potentially wrap up its various character arcs, Ted Lasso season 3 will see one fresh-faced introduction in the form of venture capitalist Jack, played by For All Mankind vet Jodi Balfour. It’s currently unclear how she will factor into the series’ potential final season, however with her line of work and being described as a « charming venture capitalist, » it seems possible she could be a rival to Rebecca in some capacity, be it as another female team owner, or someone trying to poach a player, much in the same vein as Sam Richardson’s Edwin Akufo. Only time will tell when Ted Lasso season 3 premieres sometime in mid 2023.