Will The Mandalorian Season 3 Trailer Release At D23 2022?

Disney+ Day, taking place on Thursday, September 8, is expected to have some reveals of its own. However, with D23 being a bi-annual event, Disney is likely reserving the bigger announcements for the multi-day extravaganza, which will be held September 9-11. The most recent D23 Expo, which took place back in 2019, featured first looks at a number of upcoming projects, including Black Widow, Eternals, and the live-action Mulan.

Looking back at Lucasfilm’s track record, it appears more likely than ever that The Mandalorian season 3 trailer will be released during the D23 Expo 2022. Like season 3, the first footage from The Mandalorian season 1 debuted at that year’s Star Wars Celebration, with Lucasfilm going on to drop the first official trailer at the D23 Expo a few months later. With no D23 Expo held in 2020, the first Mandalorian season 2 trailer released online that September, a little over a month before the premiere. While there’s a bit longer than that to go until The Mandalorian season 3 premieres, it still seems likely the first official trailer will follow the pattern established in season 1 and debut at D23 Expo 2022, especially since it’s been several months since the season 3 footage was shared at the Celebration. With Lucasfilm taking the main stage alongside Marvel Studios and 20th Century Studios on Saturday, September 10 between 10 am and 12 pm PT, that is likely the window for when the trailer will drop.

Even though the footage from the Star Wars Celebration event isn’t online, descriptions of it tease what viewers may see when Lucasfilm releases the first official trailer for The Mandalorian season 3. It showed Mando embarking on a journey of forgiveness as he attempts to regain favor amongst his people. It also revealed the Armorer telling Mando that he is no longer a Mandalorian after he broke tradition by removing his mask.