Willow Trailer Sees Warwick Davis’ Hero With A Flamethrower

Warwick Davis’ Nelwyn sorcerer Willow Ufgood faces down foes with a flamethrower in a new trailer for Disney+ and Lucasfilm’s upcoming fantasy series, Willow. The series is a sequel to Ron Howard’s 1988 dark fantasy movie, reuniting audiences with Davis’ character. The first Willow teaser trailer was released during Star Wars Celebration 2022, with the series confirmed to premiere on Disney+ on November 30.

Returning audiences to the fantasy realm of the Western Continent, Willow will revisit Davis’ sorcerer Willow Ufgood long after the events of the original film. The actor returns to the role after 34 years alongside Joanne Whalley, Kevin Pollack, and Rick Overton, while Ruby Cruz, Erin Kellyman, Ellie Bamber, Tony Revolori, Amar Chadha-Patel, and Dempsey Bryk join as a new party of adventurers that Willow must guide in a quest against the forces of darkness. While the series will return and reintroduce audiences to Willow’s familiar cast of characters and fantasy world, a newly released trailer has teased a few surprising new additions to the sorcerer’s tools and tricks.

In a new « Special Look » trailer uploaded to the Lucasfilm YouTube channel, viewers are given a new glimpse of the cast of Willow, as Davis’ sorcerer warns the young party members of the dangers they may face. Alongside new footage of the group traveling across the Western Continent together, the trailer also features the party running from monsters, with Willow wielding a surprising early flamethrower against one foe, much to the surprise of Chadha-Patel’s character. Check out the new Willow trailer above.

How Willow Show Can Introduce New Magic Powers

While previously unveiled Willow concept art has previewed unseen and new locations from the world of the film, the « Special Look » trailer teases how magic and technology have developed since the original film. While the exact specifications behind Willow’s surprising new flamethrower are unknown, the items’ presence suggests that Willow has used his skills, ingenuity, and greater experience as a sorcerer to create a number of tools that will be seen in the show. While the original film did conclude with Willow successfully becoming a true sorcerer, Willow creating a number of tools could help emphasize how the character has combined the magic he learned with his stage magician experience to better suit himself, as well as allow others to use magic.

With Willow focusing on a magical quest in a fantastical world, the titular character’s flamethrower featured in the latest trailer is sure to take many unsuspecting viewers by surprise. While also giving a glimpse at the action and adventure that Lucasfilm’s fantasy series holds, the latest Willow trailer also offers a good indication of the party’s dynamic, showing Davis’ character in the role of mentor and guide. As the November release of Willow draws near, the latest trailer shows that while Ufgood may have grown into a powerful sorcerer, the character still has plenty of tricks hidden up his sleeve.

Source: Lucasfilm