Without The Witcher, Where Can Cavill Appear Next? (Besides Man Of Steel 2)

Henry Cavill shocked fans of the Netflix series The Witcher (and made Man of Steel fans happy) by announcing that he is leaving the show. This is a shock, not only because Cavill was such a fan of being a part of that series, but because his exit cuts his prior commitment to seven seasons. So, while this is bad news for The Witcher fans, it is great news for Superman for multiple reasons.

To make as big a decision as to leave The Witcher, this points toward not only Man of Steel 2 coming sooner rather than later, but to Cavill’s Superman to appear in more upcoming projects, and not just as cameos. With James Gunn now at the helm of DC, there are probably some surprises on the horizon. With that in mind, here’s the rundown of potential projects, confirmed or otherwise, where the last son of Krypton could appear.

Shazam! Fury of the Gods

The most obvious guess for the first film post-Black Adam that Superman could appear in is the next DCU film to be released. Not only would it make sense story-wise, but it would also pay off a joke at the end of Shazam! where Superman turned up, the audience just couldn’t see his face. The future looks set to build to a Black Adam/Superman match-up of some sort, with Shazam in the mix somehow as well. It’s too late for Cavill to be a part of this film proper, but don’t rule out another post-credits surprise from Superman, or even Black Adam.

The Flash

A lot could happen in The Flash, which was once touted as the movie that would reset the DCEU (and even potentially recast Superman). The Flash has been in development for so long that things are more stable at DC than when it was originally announced, so it won’t be as dramatic as resetting everything. One thing that could happen is the first proper appearance of Henry Cavill’s Superman. Supergirl is being introduced in this movie, so it’s not out of the realm of possibility that her cousin pops in to say hi. As with Shazam! The Fury of the Gods, it may be too late in the game as the movie has already been shot, but never say never.

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom

Though least likely, Superman could make an appearance in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. How he fits into the plot with his other Justice League member could be more of an issue than with other movies, but one thing this has that the others don’t is more time. While Superman would be relegated to short post-credit sequences for Shazam or The Flash, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom is set to be released in December 2023, which means there’s plenty of time for reshoots. If the team wants to move things around to fit Henry Cavill in the movie properly, there’s certainly enough time to do so. Unlikely, but not impossible.


There is also the possibility that Henry Cavill appears on the TV side of things. With the success of Peacemaker season 1, anything is possible. With James Gunn in charge, DC’s film and television could be much more connected than they already are moving forward, and Superman could be a part of that. His appearance in the John Cena-headlined show would also pay off a season 1 joke; Jason Momoa’s Aquaman and Ezra Miller’s Flash have already been in the show, so this is more likely than some fans might think.

Untitled Amanda Waller Series

In May 2022, an untitled Amanda Waller series was announced with Viola Davis returning to the role. This could be an interesting project for DC and one of the more likely avenues for Superman’s return after Black Adam. In the post-credit scene, it looks like Superman is working with Amanda Waller, in some capacity at least. Details on the series are minimal at the moment, so the plot and direction of the show could be anything. When more is known, it might become clear this isn’t the project for Superman — or it could prove that it is.

Black Adam 2

With the first movie doing well, it’s only a matter of time before Black Adam 2 happens. It’s clear that Henry Cavill’s Superman will be a part of the sequel, but what isn’t clear is if this will be his first full outing back in the red cape, or if he will have already starred in his own sequel. The more likely bet is that Cavill will return in Man of Steel 2 to cement his status and to set up the events of Black Adam 2.


If The Flash is a success and audiences like Sasha Calle’s portrayal of Kara Zor-El, a solo movie won’t be out of the question. If a Supergirl movie does happen, it’s almost a given that Superman will show up. Depending on when Man of Steel 2 fully gets off the ground, Supergirl could also make an appearance in that movie. If fans like Supergirl in The Flash, and Cavill also stars in the potential solo movie, this could be one to watch out for.

Justice League Sequel

Not confirmed or in production by any means, but with Henry Cavill making Superman his priority there must be more high-profile appearances in the cards — not just cameos and supporting roles. One of the biggest projects that could be on the horizon is another Justice League. What the movie would look like and who would fill out the roster is anyone’s guess, but the first name on the cast list is surely Henry Cavill. It would be a big move for James Gunn to give the Justice League another outing and would show he’s prepared to make as big of swings as Kevin Feige over at Marvel. This one is a long shot and more than likely would be many years away even if it was announced today, but as it goes into a new era, it must be getting spoken about in the halls of DC.

Man of Steel 2

Last but not least: Man of Steel 2 is happening, that much is clear, but when it will be released will affect Superman’s future. If it is the next DCU movie to be officially announced — which is looking likely with The Witcher news — that might put the brakes on Black Adam 2 for a short while. If it is released after the Dwayne Johnson sequel, then that could change the plot of both movies and potentially others in the future. Either way, the Man of Steel sequel looks to be a priority at DC, as does Henry Cavill’s Superman in general. After nearly 10 years since the original, the future is bright for Superman.