Yellowstone Prequel Show 1923 Will Likely Have 2 Seasons

Yellowstone spinoff show 1923 could get two seasons, according to a new report. Taylor Sheridan’s neo-Western drama Yellowstone has become such a phenomenon on Paramount+ that it has now spawned its own sprawling universe of spinoffs. Next up on the Dutton family docket is 1923, a prequel show starring superstar movie actors Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren.

The title 1923 of course gives a very big hint as to what this new Yellowstone spinoff is all about. Centered on Cara (Mirren) and Jacob (Ford), the show follows the struggles of the Dutton clan as they contend with Montana cattle ranching life amid the hardships brought on by economic depression, Prohibition and worker migration. In addition to Mirren and Ford, the 1923 cast also includes Sebastian Roche, Darren Mann, Marley Shelton, Robert Patrick, Jennifer Ehle and Timothy Dalton.

Given the epic-sounding material being tackled by Sheridan and his cast in 1923, it’s perhaps no surprise to learn that it likely will take more than one season for the full story to be told. Indeed, as reported by Deadline, Paramount+ is currently eyeing a potential 2-season run for the show, and is in negotiations with the cast. Each 1923 season is expected to run for eight episodes.

The original Yellowstone (which is about to embark upon season 5) laid the groundwork for this ever-expanding universe with its drama-packed neo-Western story following widower John Dutton (Kevin Costner) and his never-ending efforts to hold onto his family ranch amid various challenges. The show garnered such big ratings for Paramount Network that Sheridan and company launched the prequel spinoff 1883, taking audiences all the way back to when the Dutton family first encountered the Montana land upon which they would eventually build the Yellowstone ranch. That series ran for 10 episodes and concluded in February 2022.

But 1883 obviously did not mark the end of the Yellowstone saga, as plans for the sequel 1932 were quickly announced. Later the sequel’s title was switched to 1923, and the exciting news was revealed that Ford and Mirren would head up the show’s cast. It was also revealed that David Oyelowo’s 1883 character Bass Reeves, based on a real-life slaved-turned-marshal, would be the focus of a new spinoff entitled 1883: The Bass Reeves Story (in essence season 2 of 1883). In addition to all that, there’s also a planned present-day spinoff called 6666, set on the Four Sixes ranch in Texas, where 1883 was largely shot. And it was just announced that two more period-set Yellowstone spinoffs are potentially in the pipeline, one set in the 1940s and another in the 1960s, that again deal with the Dutton family’s unending struggle to keep their ranch in the face of societal, economic and political upheaval (not to mention personal drama). 1923 season 1 is set to debut on Paramount+ in December 2022.

Source: Deadline