Game Of Thrones Takes Over Texas Neighborhood Street Names

A tiny, real-world Westoros has emerged in a Texas neighborhood that’s been fitted with street names referencing Game of Thrones. The Game of Thrones concept first arrived in 1991 as the start of a still-running fantasy novel series written by George R.R. Martin. The epic story was first adapted for television in 2011, and that show emerged as one of the single most popular series of all time during its eight-season run. As one of the premiere fantasy shows, Game of Thrones has a global reach and is inextricable from media culture to a degree that few television series enjoy.

The Game of Thrones franchise is largely centered around royal families vying for control of the Iron Throne, the most powerful political position in the in-world universe. The series features stunning, fire-breathing dragons, mystic potions, and other high fantasy elements, but it also became known for its cleverly intertwined narratives and three-dimensional characters. Game of Thrones earned 160 Emmy nominations among the cast, crew, and creative teams, the second-most all-time behind just Saturday Night Live.

Now, reports that a small neighborhood in San Antonio, Texas has adorned their streets with names inspired by landmarks and characters from Game of Thrones. The majority of the show is situated in Westeros, and the housing developer Chesmar Homes has honored the fictional continent with a street called Westeros Path. Westeros Path intersects with a road named Winterfell, which is the home of the noble Stark family, and among the other signage is Arya Way, a tribute to fan-favorite Arya Stark. Some of these names and places have reappeared in HBO’s House of the Dragon, giving the street names new, more detailed meaning.

Many fans felt Game of Thrones met with an unsatisfactory conclusion, and even Arya actor Maisie Williams admitted the show lost momentum towards the end. The series had gotten ahead of the source material, and the final three seasons were based on books that Martin had not yet completed. Still, despite its unpopular final act, Game of Thrones is lauded as some of the finest work to grace the small screen. The San Antonio neighborhood, which was erected shortly after Game of Thrones ended in 2019, is symbolic of how deeply impressing the show was on culture at large.

The Game of Thrones franchise has just completed season 1 of its first spinoff show, House of the Dragon, which explores some of the history of House Targaryen, one of many significant families in GoT lore. The House of the Dragon season 1 finale set performance records for HBO, and the series is surrounded with Emmy buzz. There are at least six more Game of Thrones spinoff plots currently in mind, in part because the source material is so plentiful and thorough, but mainly because the fanbase is clearly still interested in exploring Westeros and its history. The original Game of Thrones is in the upper echelon of fantasy content, and the television universe is still yielding fruit, with more on the way.

Source: MySA